I opened my inbox this morning to an email from French filmmaker Benoit Millot called ‘Be Linen‘. Millot, also known for his piece ‘A Day in Paris‘, combined stunning cinematography with rich type and iconography to create this mini documentary about the completely natural fabric. Prior to viewing the short I was not particularly interested in linen but the beautiful imagery and the highly informative presentation made for enjoyable viewing.


It’s not just Scotch that’s put into wooden casks. There’s also Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 1844.
Many world-famous spirits
Are matured in precious wooden casks
Scotch whisky, French brandy, Bordeaux wine…
They all spend long days inside wooden casks.

“This is a very special beer; it’s retailing for about over $40 U.S. for a 720 ml bottle.”

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I wish that I could say that I conquered this beast but I truly don’t think I’m ready for something of this magnitude. My pals Jordie and Jason were brave enough to take down this sandwich, a Double Down in between a McDonalds Big Mac. Weighing in at 1080 calories the Swag Sandwich, as it’s been named, is not to be fucked with. It’s a collision of beef, chicken, cheddar, Monterey Jack, Mac sauce, Colonel’s sauce, bacon, and veggies equivalent to a barnyard explosion in your mouth. Who knows if I’ll ever have the gut to try it but here’s what Jordie aka the “test subject” had to say about it:

“The Double Down alone is like fastfood magic but we wanted to take it to the next level. I would say the experiment was a success; the Mac sauce really kicks it up a notch. But beware this sandwich is not for the faint of heart, as I type this I’m sitting on the toilet and I can tell you it’s a bad scene.”


Shoutout to all the fashion bloggers makin’ collages, everyone that made my summer what it was, Four Loko for bein’ so Loko, fixed gear dudes getting wiped out (totally), Jermaine for bein’ a helpful ass du and to all my babies mommas I GOT YOU. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR SUMMER!